Spring driving tips for teens

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Spring is upon us again, and with it comes spring break, road trips, and lots of younger drivers on the road. 

The simple fact is that younger drivers are more at-risk of being involved in accidents large and small, and understanding how to avoid common accidents is important. A lot of the following tips may be common sense, but they deserve to be mentioned again in order to ensure that you stay safe while on the road this spring.


  • Don’t text and drive. Distracted driving has become almost as dangerous and deadly as drunk driving. Put down the phone when you’re driving to help keep your reaction times high and stay safe.
  • Don’t drink and drive. This is another obvious one, but the number of young people involved in drunk driving accidents is still alarmingly high and it’s important to stress this point.
  • Read the signs. Those highway signs are for much more than decoration–they can alert you to upcoming sharp turns, lane changes, construction areas, and more.
  • Leave early. Many younger people don’t speed just because they want to–it’s often because they’re running a bit behind. Try to leave early and you’ll get there safely.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained. Proper maintenance will keep your car working at its best and improve your overall safety significantly.


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