Simple tips to ensure safe driving this Fall

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As the weather begins to cool, most people can smell fall in the air.  While the changing colors of the leaves are certainly a delight to see, drivers need to remember that some of the beauty of this season can also become a hazard on the road.  Fall driving conditions can vary greatly, but some simple tips can help to keep drivers and their passengers safe.


1.  Be Alert To Moisture

Early fall rains may not be extensive, but drivers should remember that drought conditions in the summer can cause severe oil build-up on roads.  Even a light drizzle can lead to very slick conditions as the oil is released from the tarmac, so extra caution and slower speeds when it is wet out are important.

2.  Follow The Car Length Rule

Although this is a practice that should be done anyway, it can be even more important in the fall, especially when fallen leaves on the roadways lead to slick conditions.  While avoiding an accident in general is important, it is also necessary to remember that other drivers can cause safe drivers to get into trouble.  Keeping a safe distance will help prevent this.

3.  Keep Emergency Gear Handy

Should an accident or breakdown occur, then it is very necessary to have emergency supplies ready.  Although calling for help with a cell phone or on-board car system is always an option, there are locations where signals cannot be transmitted.  Along with items such as flares and emergency breakdown signs, emergency kits for the fall should also contain extra layers of clothes, including gloves and jackets, and some high energy foods, in case the wait for help takes some time. 

4.  Keep Your Car Maintained

This can include basic servicing, but should also consider the tires and exterior of the vehicle in order to preserve safety.  Regular washing and waxing can keep the outside of the car safe from the elements, and undercoating can help with rust from road salt.  Beyond service help, owners should also make sure to remove fallen leaves from the exterior of the car, as the decay can impact the paint.

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