3 tips to help avoid car accidents during the busy back-to-school season

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Now that schools are back in session throughout most of the US, we have to be especially careful when we are driving  to school early in the morning.  Unloading zones can get pretty crazy and ultimately lead to carelessness.  With that in mind, these 3 tips will hopefully enable you to avoid an accident this busy back-to-school season.

• Be accountable for your driving as well as those in close proximity to you – keep both hands on the wheel when driving, slow down, and stay in your lane.  Furthermore, always wear your seat belt, don’t tailgate the person in front of you, use your turn signals, and watch your surroundings.

• Don’t get distracted – when you’re in your vehicle, you should only be driving.  If you want to eat a snack, mess with your CD player or iPod, read directions, or talk on your phone, pull over and park.  Most importantly, NEVER TEXT WHILE DRIVING!

• Maintain your vehicle so it is always safe to drive – this includes getting regular tune-ups, keeping your rear view mirrors and windshields clean, properly inflating your tires, and replacing your wiper blades on a regular basis.

Not only will these 3 tips result in fewer accidents and safer driving, it will save you time and unwanted expenses. For more information and tips on avoiding auto body damage, contact Hoffman Auto Body in Boise at 208-344-6214.

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