Avoiding auto accidents during Spring weather

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It is always important to drive your car with extreme caution especially during rain storms or in the Spring weather. You may be a great driver but observing the following tips will have you safe at all times during rainstorms or when sudden rains are experienced in the Spring time.

Braking suddenly during rainstorms may cause you to skid and these results to you hitting other cars. During this time, the roads are usually slippery and braking suddenly causes the wheels to lose traction with the road. In the event that you skid, keep calm and do not try to make sudden turns since this will make the skidding even worse. Consider steering straight until the car regains traction.

Driving slowly is important during rainstorms and this is because it allows for better tire traction. When it rains, oil and grease build up on the road and this makes the tire traction and surface suffer as a result. Driving slower will allow for better tire traction in the event that you are required to brake.

Keeping a safe distance from the car ahead of you during this time is also paramount. Always keep your eyes on the car that is ahead of you because this will enable you to brake whenever they brake. This gives you time to avoid bumping into them in case they skid.

Since your car windows are bound to fog, you should know how to correctly defog them. Fogging limits your visibility and this is dangerous so consider keeping your air conditioner blowing at your back window and windshield. Follow the outlined tips and be safe!

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