Choosing the right auto body repair shop

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Choosing the right auto body shop for your car is important and this is because you will always be getting the right price for any repairs done and that any damage will be taken care of before it progresses to being serious. Before settling on one particular auto body shop, it is important to consider the following tips;

You should make sure you get a proper auto body repair estimate

At Hoffman Auto Body in Boise, we offer all of our clients a FREE estimate. We will assess the damage and provide you with a proper quote and turnaround time.

You should ask the right questions

When choosing the right auto shop, asking the right questions will actually help you to settle on one that will take care of the needs of your car. You should ask whether they give warranty or not or whether the shop carries theft and fire insurance.

You should ask around

Paying attention to word of mouth in regards to particular auto shops will enable you to make your choice effectively. So long as the auto shop is known to satisfy the needs of its clients, it should be among your list of top priorities.

You should consider the operation’s location and overhead

Repairs that will be undertaken on your car are what will determine whether you will choose a particular auto shop or not. This is because labor charges vary since repairs are usually charged per hour.

You should follow your gut and trust your first impression

Trusting your instinct is important in regards to the shop you are considering. If at all you are not satisfied with the level of customer service offered, or that most of your questions are being evaded, steer clear of it because their repairs are most likely shoddy. You would rather be in an auto shop where all your questions are answered effectively and the environment is clean.

For more information on auto body repair, contact Hoffman Auto Body in Boise at 208.344.6214.

Headlight Restoration

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At Hoffman Auto Body, We can easily restore the clarity of your headlights and also prevent a costly fixture replacement in the future. In addition to added safety, restoration saves you money.
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