Is your vehicle's exterior ready for Spring?

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Spring indubitably brings an improvement of weather conditions after the winter. This is the time when you might probably find it proper to again show your car off after leaving it stationary on your garage during the winter. But before doing so, here are some of the tips on how to improve your car’s exteriors for spring.


  • Spring is the right time to change your windshield’s wipers. Worn out wipers will not come effective in clearing your view when you are hit with spring rain. Besides, a new set of wiper will look great on your car.
  • Check your tires. One of the most important parts of the car’s exterior that affects its overall performance is the tires. Check for dents and holes before hitting the road for aesthetic and safety purposes.
  • Inspect your car’s exterior for rust. The thing is, rust will worsen once it comes in contact with water. As you might expect, spring brings drizzles that may worsen your rusting car’s condition. So before this happens, have rusting addressed.
  • Apply wax on your car’s exterior. After getting rid of the rust by probably repainting your car, apply wax for an instant shine. This will not only leave your car looking squeaky clean and incredibly new, it will also leave spring rain sliding off the exteriors without causing damage.

Taking care of the exterior of a car is not just a step of showing off how amazing it looks on the outside but this actually shows how the overall condition of the car is maintained. There is nothing as rewarding as driving a well-maintained car during the fancy season of spring. For more information on exterior vehicle maintenance or auto body services, give Hoffman Auto Body in Boise a call at 208-344-6214.

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