Protect Your Car From Spring Changes

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Spring should mean that everything is going to be just fine on the road. The weather warms up, the ice disappears, so now it’s smooth sailing, right? Not quite.

As we move into spring, your car and its paint job can actually be at risk from parts of the environment that may surprise you. Here’s what spring can actually do to your car.




You know how some people get hay or spring fever as the pollen starts to get into the air? It happens to your car too. Pollen doesn’t just irritate sinuses, it can actually eat away at the wax you may have applied to your car. Hosing your car down doesn’t necessarily wash it away either, so clean your car more thoroughly.


Bird Droppings

 The birds come back, and so does their latest meal, right on your car. Unfortunately, bird droppings are mildly acidic, so if you leave them on your car too long, they can damage the paint! Make sure you don’t just wipe and smear bird droppings around on the surface of your car, get rid of them properly.


Tree Sap

Yes, even tree sap can damage your car’s paint. Be careful when parking near or under trees, and if you get some sap on your car, clean it carefully. It’s very easy to simply smudge it over a wider area of your car and not clean it at all.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a quick and easy solution to get you on the road to safe travels.

At Hoffman Auto Body, We can easily restore the clarity of your headlights and also prevent a costly fixture replacement in the future. In addition to added safety, restoration saves you money.
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