Drive Safely In Fog & Snow

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Now that winter is here, there are many more hazards on the road that drivers need to be careful of to ensure a safe, sound trip. Idaho can have some unpredictable winter weather, meaning you have to be ready for rain, snow, fog and even sleet. What should you do when the weather starts acting up like this? 


Snow Driving 

Make sure you drive at the appropriate speed for snow conditions, especially if the snow is still falling. You’ll need to check to make sure your wipers are keeping your view clear. You’ll also need to watch your handling of the car on the road, and avoid sudden, jerky movements. 


Fog Driving 

The most important thing to do when driving in thick, foggy conditions is to take it slow. Depending on conditions, you may literally only be able to see a few feet ahead of you, which is often not enough time or space to brake properly to avoid things at higher speeds. Also remember to use your fog lights if your car is installed with them. The brighter lights will make it easier to see ahead. If you want to be even more prepared, have fog lights installed at the rear of your car, so others behind you will have a better chance of realizing you’re there.


If you respect the weather and drive cautiously, any road conditions can be carefully handled with great success.

Headlight Restoration

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