Five Tips To Avoid Auto Accidents This Fall

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During the Fall, the roads are more hazardous and you face a bigger risk of getting into an auto accident. Here are five tips to help you avoid an accident this Fall:


1. Drive Slowly: The wet and icy road conditions during the Fall lead to less road traction. Accelerating, decelerating, braking, and even turning are all more difficult in the Fall. So take your time when driving. 

2. Give Yourself Plenty Of Space: Increase your following distance, give yourself more braking room before a stop, and give yourself extra room when passing another vehicle. With extra space you will have enough time to react to any potential road hazards or accidents.

3. Keep Your Windshield Clear: Between condensation, frost, and road debris, there is less visibility in the Fall. Make sure to keep your windshield washer reservoir full and your wiper blades in good working order.  You may also want to check your heating system to make sure your defrost works.  Always completely clear all the snow and ice off your windows and windshield before driving.

4. Have Your Brakes Checked: Brakes are crucial in the Fall to preventing accident.  You have less road traction so they work overtime. Before the weather turns, have your brake system fully inspected and repair any damages.

5. Check Your Tire Pressure: Cold condenses air, leading to a drop in your tire pressure. With low tire pressure, your car has less traction which can lead to a loss of vehicle control and braking problems.


Following these five simple tips will help keep you safe on the road this Fall. For more information & tips, visit Hoffman Auto Body in Boise or call us at 208-344-6214. 

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