Remember These Back To School Driving Tips

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As the seasons begins to change and school starts up in earnest around the country, one thing you can count on is an increase in traffic. Whether it’s during the morning or evening, there will be more traffic on the roads – and not just around the school campuses themselves. 


That increase in traffic means increased risk of accidents. But if you’ll remember a few key tips, you should be able to reduce your chances of being involved in accidents. Here are some things to remember this school season. 


  • Leave Early – Speeding causes a very large number of accidents. If you leave early, you’re less likely to try to speed your way towards your destination. This helps keep you safer. 
  • Pay Attention To Problem Spots – During your commute there are likely a few places that can be riskier – tricky intersections, bottlenecks, high traffic areas, or areas with more dangerous drivers. Remember where these are and be prepared.
  • Don’t Text – Simply put, distracted driving has become a tremendous issue in the country. Save your texts or Facebook posts until you’re parked safely. 


 These three simple texts can have a big impact on your vehicle safety this year. They’re easy to do, and can help you avoid collisions. 




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